Back pain plagues many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere. It tends to be chronic and can greatly impact a person’s ability to get through the day. If individuals do not take the time to address the back pain they are currently experiencing, a back disorder could gradually develop. This means a worsened condition that could prevent an individual from being able to do their day-to-day things, care for him or herself or even work.

A back disorder could gradually occur over time due to repetitive activity. However, it could also develop after a single traumatic event. Oftentimes, the slow and progressive onset of this injury, individuals frequently ignore the condition until the symptoms become more pronounced. But at this time, the injury is often disabling for the individual suffering from it.

A back disorder is a result of exceeding the capability of the muscles, tendons and the disc of the back or a cumulative effect of several factors for a back injury. These factors often include reaching while lifting, poor posture, stressful living and working activities, bad body mechanics, poor physical condition, poor design of job or work station, repetitive lifting, twisting while lifting, bending while lifting, maintaining bent postures, heavy lifting, fatigue, poor footing, lifting with forceful movement and vibrations, such as those associated with trucks and heavy machinery.

The workplace is often the source of back conditions that develop over time as well as those brought on by a single event. Work tasks as well as sitting for an extended period of time could contribute to a back injury or a back condition. Thus, if an individual is unable to work because of a serious and disabling back condition, it is important that they understand their rights and options.

Social Security disability benefits are available to those unable to work because of a qualifying injury or condition. If you are unsure if you are eligible or do not know how to proceed with an application for SSD benefits, it would be beneficial to seek legal guidance about what steps you need to take to secure these benefits.