People in New Jersey who are experiencing mental issues and are seeking Social Security disability benefits should be aware of the evidence that is needed for the Social Security Administration to make its decision. The SSA will seek that evidence from various sources when conducting its evaluation. That will include medical evidence, evidence from people who know the applicant, and evidence from school or work. Regarding school or work, it is important to understand what the SSA will request so all the applicable evidence is provided.

For school, the person could be a past attendee or still be attending. He or he might have gotten or is still getting special education. If the person falls into this category, the SSA will seek information as to how the mental illness is affecting the person’s functional ability. This can include the progress from therapy, evaluation reports, information coming from teachers as to how the person is able to function in the classroom, information about how the person might need certain accommodations or special services to function and anything else that might be relevant.

If the person works, takes part in a work-related program or is getting vocational training, the SSA will seek information from those who oversee the training program or from the employer to gauge how the person is adapting to work and is functioning. The information that the SSA will seek includes the evaluation of the work or training, if there were necessary modifications to help the person perform the required duties or adhere to a schedule, and if there were accommodations or special support needed so he or she could work. For those who were working in a specific program whether it is rehabilitative, supported, a community mental health program or something similar, the amount of support needed to work will be assessed.

Mental illness can come in many forms and hinder people in their ability to work in different ways. A fundamental aspect of getting Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions is the evidence. Evidence from school or work is vital toward getting benefits.