It’s a tough situation for anyone who has been injured or diagnosed with a severe medical condition and cannot continue working. Unfortunately, initial disability claims are often denied by the Social Security Administration (more than half). With appeals having an even higher rate of denial, it is essential that you prepare for your disability claims and understand the reasons these claims receive denials.

Collecting data for your claim

If you’re preparing a social security disability insurance (SSDI) claim, it’s important to know that the process could take multiple years with more than one application or appeal. Documentation is a vital part of that process. You can strengthen your claim immensely by being able to back up your statements with records and information that support those claims. Here are the things that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will look for during the appeals process after your initial claim rejection:

  • Medical reports: This documentation includes doctor’s reports, your medical files, multiple evaluations and opinions, hard data like injury CT scans and x-rays, medical bills, therapist statements.
  • The number of attempts: If you’ve been denied a prior claim, your new claim is much more likely to receive a rejection unless you go through the appeals process.
  • Work status: If you are still working, with a reasonable income, this could be grounds for denial. The Social Security Administration will typically consider only those claims of people who are unable to work any longer.
  • Recovery effort: You will need to demonstrate that you took your recovery seriously, and anything this entails like physical therapy, regular doctor’s appointments and medication. You need to show that you did everything you could to get better and that you still cannot continue working.

Fighting for your future

If you can’t work, you’ll need more than just medical support to sustain yourself. Whether you’re collecting information for your initial claim or considering the appeals process, it is crucial that you contact an attorney experienced in social security disability insurance claims and appeals.