Once you submit your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may ask that you attend a consultative exam. Read on to discover under what circumstances you may need to attend a consultative exam and how a seasoned New Jersey SSDI attorney at The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur can help you best prepare for this.

Under what circumstances may I need a consultative exam?

The main reason why the SSA may ask that you attend a consultative exam is if your initial SSDI benefits claim does not provide a sufficient amount of medical information regarding your medical condition. Such an exam does not provide medical treatment, but rather provides more information on your medical condition so that the SSA can better determine your eligibility for SSDI benefits.

For your consultative exam, you may be able to request that it be conducted by your own doctor, or the SSA may choose a doctor on your behalf. And then, depending on the circumstances of your medical condition, your consultative exam may include the following procedures:

  • A physical evaluation by a doctor.
  • A psychological evaluation by a psychologist.
  • X-ray tests.
  • Blood work tests.
  • MRI tests.

After these procedures, the doctor will report to the SSA your medical diagnosis, the possible limitations that come with your medical condition, and their recommendations for your future treatment. Ultimately, they will report whether or not they believe that you need SSDI benefits.

How can I prepare for my exam?

First of all, you must do everything in your power to not miss your consultative exam. So, if you are unable to travel for this exam, you may be able to request that the doctor make a home visit.

Next, you must share any and all information regarding your medical history and medical condition (i.e., symptoms, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc). So, in addition to accurately and fully answering all questions asked by the doctor, you should arrive with the following documentation:

  • The Medical History Form that you received before your exam.
  • A copy of your IMA Appointment notice.
  • Your government-issued ID.
  • All of your current medications or a list of your current medications.
  • All of your assistive devices or a list of your assistive devices (i.e., glasses, cane, hearing aids, braces, etc).
  • Any other medical evidence that has not yet been submitted to the SSA.

It cannot be stressed enough that your consultative exam can significantly influence the outcome of your SSDI benefits. So, you should not proceed any further without assistance from a competent New Jersey SSDI attorney. Pick up the phone and give our firm a call today.