Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one later in life because of an illness or injury, this can be a very difficult situation. Many New Jersey residents attempt to overcome this situation by seeking out assistance through government programs. While many individuals across the nation rely on Social Security disability benefits to meet their financial needs, many potential applicants are apprehensive about the application process. It can be overwhelming to hear about the number of applicants denied and the long wait faced by those seeking an appeal; thus, it is important to understand why you could be denied.

Why would your SSD application be denied? Roughly two-thirds of all initial applications are denied. While this is a large number, this does not mean that many applicants are not suffering from an eligible disability. It often means that their application just was not complete.

Another reason an application could be denied is that it is based on current drug or alcohol abuse. While the SSA does approve those suffering from physical and mental impairments related to past drug or alcohol abuse, it does not approve benefits for those that would not be considered disabled if their current drug and alcohol abuse is removed from the situation.

Other reasons include factors such as earning too much money, not being disabled for at least a year, doctor’s orders were not followed, the SSA is not able to contact you, you didn’t follow directions, your claim lacks sufficient treatment records or your disability is linked to a criminal conviction. Many of these denials do not mean that SSD benefits are out of the question. Many of these denial reasons open up the opportunity for reconsideration or an appeal. Thus, it is important to understand how you could timely initiate the process.

Filing for SSD benefits might appear to be complex. In some cases, it can be a very detailed and lengthy process. Because of that, it is important to be well informed of the process, what is being asked of you and how you can ensure your application is completed properly.