Social Security Disability benefits may provide you with necessary support if your injury or illness has rendered you debilitated to the point you cannot work. As you begin to recover, you may find yourself itching to return to your job as soon as possible.

if your recovery reaches a point where you are ineligible to continue receiving your benefits, you may disagree with the Social Security Administration’s decision to suspend your benefits and wish to file an appeal.

Notifying the SSA

Even though it may seem unnecessary to notify the Social Security Administration of changes to your health and employment status, failing to keep them informed may lead to legal trouble. As such, it is imperative that you communicate notable changes to them as quickly as possible. These include the following:

  • Your doctor has cleared you to begin working again.
  • Your employer has accepted your request to return to work.
  • You are able to work but require specific accommodations to do your job.
  • You have assumed the full scope of your responsibilities that you held before your injury.

Filing an appeal

According to the Social Security Administration, you may continue to receive your benefits while awaiting a decision about an appeal under two conditions. First, if you disagree with their decision that you are no longer eligible to receive benefits and second, that a reduction in your payments is acceptable because your condition has improved. However, be aware that if your appeal is not granted and the SSA stands by their original decision, if you did request to keep your benefits during the appeals process, the SSA may require that you pay back any money you that you were not eligible to receive.