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SSD Benefits For Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is a class of diseases where a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion on and destruction of adjacent tissue and occasionally spread to other locations in the body through lymph or blood (metastasis). These characteristics differentiate from benign or harmless tumors, which do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form tumors but some, such as leukemia, do not.

Cancer may affect people of all ages, but the risk for most varieties increases with age. Almost all cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of transformed cells and may be due to the effects of carcinogens such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals or infectious agents. Some abnormalities may be caused by errors in DNA replication or inherited at birth. Genetic abnormalities found in cancer affect two general classes of genes. Cancer-promoting oncogenes are activated in cancer cells, giving those cells new properties. Tumor suppressor genes are then inactivated in cancer cells and result in the loss of normal functions in those cells.

Diagnosis is usually based on an examination of tissue biopsy specimen by a pathologist. Most cancers can be treated and some cured, depending on the specific type, location and stage. General treatment plans include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Not only may the disease be disabling, but also the treatment for cancer may be equally disabling.

Disability Benefits For Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a general term for a group of cancers that originate in the lymphatic system. There are two major categories — Hodgkin lymphoma and all other lymphomas known as non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The lymphatic system is part of the body’s immune system and includes marrow, lymphocytes, lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and the spleen.

Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most curable forms of cancer and is most likely to be diagnosed in people in their twenties and thirties. It is distinguished from other types of lymphoma by the presence of the Reed-Sternberg cell and although they can be found in the lymph nodes, these cells may not be lymphocytes. The most common sign of Hodgkin lymphoma is one or more enlarged lymph nodes, is painless and maybe in the neck, upper chest, armpit, abdomen or groin. Other symptoms include fever, night sweats, tiredness, weight loss and itchy skin.

There are several types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, including B-cell lymphomas, T-cell lymphomas, NK-cell lymphomas and immunodeficiency-associated lymphoproliferative disorders. Approximately 90% are B-cell lymphomas. The most common sign is enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin but can be found near the ears or elbow. Other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever, night sweats, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss or a rash.

In order to prove your disability to Social Security, you need to either document that your condition or conditions meet or equal in severity the criteria found in the Social Security Commissioner’s regulations or, if you are an adult, that your condition and symptoms are so severe that you are unable to work. If you are a child under 18, you must similarly show that your condition or conditions meet or equal in severity the criteria in the Social Security Commissioner’s regulations or that your condition or conditions functionally equals the Commissioner’s regulations.

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– In appealing and handling cases at the Federal Court level

Our Newark-area law firm also handles SSI child’s disability cases at all levels.

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