Cerebral palsy can permanently impact the way a person goes through life, and in many cases, it can make it nearly impossible for a person to gain employment. If you or a loved one struggles with cerebral palsy and requires competent representation, give us a call today so we can help you get the SSD benefits you deserve.

SSD Benefits for Cerebral Palsy in New Jersey

Cerebral palsy refers to a disorder that occurs in childhood and typically remains stable throughout life. People with cerebral palsy have difficulty maintaining balance and posture, and walking. They also have difficulty with fine motor skills such as writing. Cerebral palsy may cause muscles to be weak and floppy or rigid and stiff. Cerebral palsy is sometimes linked to other seizure or mental disorders.

Babies born prematurely or who have birth trauma are at higher risk. Possible causes include infections in utero or in the first few months of life, congenital defect, stroke, lack of oxygen, and severe jaundice. Therapies including occupational, speech and physical therapy are helpful in improving coordination in individuals with cerebral palsy. Symptoms that may be associated with cerebral palsy include: lowered IQ, abnormal behavior patterns, interference in communication due to speech, hearing, or visual defect, or disorganization of motor function.

In children’s SSI cases, Social Security will evaluate cerebral palsy based upon how it affects motor function, cognitive and communicative skills.

Our Legal Services

Our disability law firm represents individuals through every facet of the SSD process, including the following

  • Filing your application
  • Appealing initial denials
  • Appealing reconsideration denials
  • Hearings
  • Cases in front of the Appeals Council
  • Cases in front of the Federal Court

Our Essex County, New Jersey Lawyer Handles SSI And SSD For Children At All Levels

If you or a loved one require Social Security Disability benefits because of cerebral palsy, look no further than our firm for proper assistance. Contact The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur to learn more.

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