Learning disabilities affect how people assimilate knowledge. Learning disabilities can range from very mild to very severe. Learning disabilities impact the ability to listen and pay attention, read and write, compute math, and even speak. At The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur, you can get the help you need for collecting SSD benefits for learning disabilities.

SSD Benefits for Those With Learning Disabilities in New Jersey

Learning disabilities often appear hand-in-hand with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Evaluation is available and specialized learning plans can be developed to maximize learning strengths and provide tools to minimize deficits.

Social Security will review childhood learning disabilities either under the criteria for congenital mental retardation, organic mental disorders or Social Security’s very specialized functional domains. Mental retardation involves significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning measured either by IQ based on a valid test performed by a school system, physician, psychologist or learning specialist. If a verbal, performance or full-scale IQ ranges slightly higher from 60 through 70, Social Security may require a child to have an additional physical or mental limitation or require the child to satisfy the criteria of functional limitations or “domains” specified by Social Security.

An organic mental disorder involves problems with perception, cognitive abilities, emotions or behavior associated with dysfunction of the brain. This condition may be caused by head injury, toxic exposure or illness. Social Security will generally consider whether the child has documented issues, including but not limited to developmental arrest, delay or regression, memory problems, personality, perceptual or thinking disturbances, inappropriate mood or emotional behavior, impulse control, or cognitive functioning problems as measured on cognitive testing. Social Security may require the child to satisfy the criteria of functional limitations or “domains” specified by Social Security.

Children with learning disabilities may also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or overlapping mental or mood disorders. These children may also have birth trauma or other physical or mental disorders, illnesses or injuries interconnected with the learning disabilities. During the first 18 months of life, some infants also have developmental and emotional disorders related to organic or functional factors causing a deficit or lag in motor, cognitive, communicative or social functioning.

Learning disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders may continue with the child into adulthood. Adults may be disabled due to these same conditions which either interfere or preclude them from entering or staying in the workforce. Additionally, adults may have mental retardation also measured by IQ on a standardized test or organic brain or mental disorders caused by trauma, illness or disease. An adult can lose previous IQ levels or mental functioning levels due to a fall, a motor vehicle accident, side effects of chemotherapy or radiation treatment, HIV/AIDS, severe seizure activity, MS, Parkinson’s disease, dementia/stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Disability Benefits And ADHD

Our Newark-area disability law firm represents individuals:

  • In filing their initial disability applications
  • In handling cases at the initial level, such as appealing initial denials
  • In handling cases at the reconsideration level, such as appealing reconsideration denials
  • In handling cases at the hearings level
  • In appealing and handling cases at the Appeals Council level
  • In appealing and handling cases at the Federal Court level

We also handle SSI child’s disability cases at all levels.

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