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Social Security Disability For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD falls in the family of anxiety disorders. People suffering from OCD often have repetitive thoughts or obsessions or may engage in repetitive actions (called compulsions). An example of an OCD obsession is fear of germs which could result in compulsive hand-washing. Other examples of OCD include repetitive checking of lights or door locks. Limb spasms, twitching and tics may also occur.

OCD can be debilitating when its compulsive activities take over the normal activities of daily living. There is evidence that faulty brain circuits cause OCD and there are medical and therapeutic treatments.

Tourette Syndrome can cause repetitive movements, tics, sounds and verbalizations which are uncontrollable. Tourette is similar to OCD in that it involves repetitive and uncontrollable verbalizations and actions which may dramatically interfere with functioning, socialization, difficulties in maintaining concentration, persistence or pace or completing tasks. These conditions affect both adults and children.

In order to prove your disability to Social Security, you need to either document that your condition or conditions meet or equal in severity the criteria found in the Social Security Commissioner’s regulations or, if you are an adult, that your condition and symptoms are so severe that you are unable to work. If you are a child under 18, you must similarly show that your condition or conditions meet or equal in severity the criteria in the Social Security Commissioner’s regulations or that your condition or conditions functionally equals the Commissioner’s regulations.

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OCD And Social Security Benefits

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