Schizophrenia is a severe, disabling brain disorder whose sufferers may develop delusional or visual or auditory hallucinations. Schizophrenics frequently experience serious, debilitating paranoia. With schizophrenia, paranoia or other psychotic disorders, an individual may have periods of remission with productive functioning followed by episodes of deterioration into a psychotic state where they are not able to function. If you have schizophrenia, The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur is ready to help you get the SSD benefits you need.

SSD Claims For Schizophrenia in New Jersey

Schizophrenia is more common among men than women and usually begins in the late teens or early adulthood. Medical intervention can be successful but several drug trials are often necessary to find the one that is most effective for the individual. Symptoms include:

  • Unusual thoughts or perceptions
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Thought disorders
  • Disorders of movement, such as a catatonic state, inability to initiate plans or grossly disorganized behavior, illogical or incoherent speech or thinking, emotional withdrawal or isolation

In order to prove your disability to Social Security, you need to either document that your condition or conditions meet or equal in severity the criteria found in the Social Security Commissioner’s regulations or, if you are an adult, that your condition and symptoms are so severe that you are unable to work.

Representation From The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur

Our disability law firm helps individuals through every stage of the process, including:

  • Filing their application
  • Appealing initial denials
  • Appealing reconsideration denials
  • At hearings
  • In cases in front of the Appeals Council
  • In cases in front of the Federal Court

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Schizophrenia can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re unable to work because of schizophrenia, our legal team is here to help provide you with the SSD benefits you need. Contact The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur today.

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